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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

4 - Open Discussion on Religious Subjects - 2006

This Post is for Open Discussion on Religious Subject matter and doctrine. Please be respectful of each other and hold malice towards none.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Comments on Predestination - 2006

Predestination vs Free Will:

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The Calvinist – Armenian debate has created confusion. One side basically states that God selects people to be sent to Hell based on some sort of Sovereign arbitrary selection process. The other side says, no, God foreknows who are his and who are not – that people send themselves there. I know that this is an over simplification of both sides of this long standing debate but that is the basic premise for both. OSAS vs Arbitrary selection, what is the answer, if any to this debate?

Since my book dealt with this subject in part, I will begin to post brief writings on this topic that may help both sides see the beauty of God’s Sovereignty in a whole new light. It is my prayer that within these writings – the debate will cease being a debate and people find common ground.

B. W. Melvin
Author: A Land Unknown: Hell's Dominion