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Friday, February 29, 2008

Eternal Recompense Fact or Fiction?

Is the idea of eternal recompense fact or fiction? Would God eternally punish...

Find out more by entering this lively debate with those that support Annihilationism, Soul Death, Soul Sleep, and Universal Salvation, verses what Orthodox Christianity has to say on the subject of eternity and everlasting recompense. Learn if the reality of Hell and everlasting punishment is real verses those bent on ignoring Christ’s own words on this very subject.

This debate began several months ago…During the course of the debate two people recanted their beliefs in the doctrine of ‘Soul Sleep’ and ‘Annihilationism.’ Find out whom in Post 11.

Post 2 through 10 revolves around combating the errors of the ‘Soul Sleep’ and ‘Annihilationisms’ doctrines. Post 13 onward switch to debating ‘Annihilationisms Soul Death’ concept and Universalism. May sincere Christians who find themselves at odds against these doctrines learn from this debate how to answer the criticisms imposed by the adherents of ‘Soul Sleep, Annihilationism,’ and ‘Universalism.’

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