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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Faith to Faith

God promises us victory and new life after one becomes born again. Why does this victory and new life seem so hard in today’s modern world? Where are the blessings of God? Have you ever felt like this – Your faith becoming disheartened? Don't know what to do?

The next series of posts in the Comments Section looks into these matters helping restore, strengthen, as well as challenge us to move forward from Faith to Faith and Glory to Glory. These postings are from edited sermon transcripts from my travels over the course of the year so that you can find help from Christ Jesus in time of need.

Please Note: I had to stop posting for a while as my blog was hit hard by spam as well as delayed by recent travel and speaking engagements. I am still in process of cleaning out the spam. Thank you for the emails regarding this.

Also, I will continue the writings on the Old Testament Concept of God which show how the Trinity is indeed thoroughly soaked within the language of the Old Testament as posted in the March 2009 Archive per many of your request!

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God Bless!

Be sure to enter the Comments Section and find help and encouragement in time of need – stretch and expand your Faith Today

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