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Sunday, July 16, 2006

1 - Book Info - 2006 - Q and A

Questions and Answers:

In this Section, feel free to post questions to me about my book or anything you like. For example, here is a question I received from a reader:

Why did you title the book – A Land Unknown: Hell’s Dominion?

Answer - B. W. Melvin:

The reason I titled the book is because the doctrine of Hell has become watered down and has become in essence – a land unknown to many. The doctrine of Hell and eternal punishment is fading in today’s modern culture. The relevance of both doctrines are often misunderstood and oft misquoted into obscurity. It is truly a land unknown.

Next, the title ‘Hell’s Dominion’ was chosen as a play on words and refers to Revelations 20:13-15 final outcome of Hell as a double entrée. What I mean by this is simple, Hell’s dominion, authority, power, and territory is temporary. It has an end that is just a beginning where it is stripped of its dominion, authority, power, and an eternal territory established for it. It is real. I wish none to end up in that terrible place.


If you would like to read from a chapter from my Book - A Land Unknown: Hell's Dominion

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B. W. Melvin