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Monday, March 13, 2006

3 - Heaven, Hell, Consequences, and Eternity

There are many diverse views concerning Hell, punishment, and eternity today. So much so, that the existence of Hell is nearly all but forgotten, or simply glossed over, as one writer put it, “Hell has become air conditioned” in our modern world view.

Also, the surging tide of NDE (Near Death Experience) also interposes on the Christian doctrine of Hell. What are we to make of all this information?

Has the concept of Hell become marginalized, over emphasized, or basically forgotten? Hell – is it relevant today? Is it necessary? Is it a myth? Is it real?

The purpose of this post is to examine if the doctrine of Hell is relevant today. Some hold the universalistic view concerning hell and divine punishment, which states that no one will end up in hell being punished for eternity and all will end up in heaven.

Opposite of this is the annihilationist doctrine of hell and judgment. This doctrine basically believes that those found unworthy of God, and are evil, will not be punished for eternity but rather God's great mercy will annihilate these persons and they will cease to exist in some manner or another.

Then there is the traditional Christian doctrine of hell and divine eternal recompense. All these different views about hell and punishment create confusion. It is this confusion that creates controversy. Within this controversy the nature and purpose of hell is obscured from humanities sight.

If a murder wanted to poison a person, they would never let the victim know they were being poisoned. The mash would be disguised as something pleasant to the taste and pleasing to the sight so that the end result of death would remain hidden from the duped party’s vision. For this reason, one must make sure they are not being poisoned and lulled asleep by any artificial concept of hell that marginalize its significance to one’s eternal future.

With such an important topic concerning a person’s eternal destiny, would it be best to hope hell will just go away, or just have one cease to exist rather than be perpetually damned, or kinder to let all into the Glories of Heaven despite how they lived on earth?

I ask in my book regarding this, “What is Justice without consequence if consequences do not last?”

What is divine Justice? Is it real? A fable? Fact or fancy?

More on this later..