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Friday, April 14, 2006

2 - Heaven, Hell, and Politics

The Near Death Experience, is it real, a fable, or product of imagination? Why have so many reported on this phenomenon in books, movies, and in the media? How come numerous recorded near death experiences seem to bypass Christian Theology in context and theme?

There are voluminous accounts of such near-death experiences recorded in articles, books, TV, and radio. Recently, even Barbra Walters made a special prime time TV report on Heaven. The History Channel also has posted several documentaries on the nature of Hell and the hereafter.

Of the many articles, books, TV, and radio median currently dealing with the near-death experience and the existence of Heaven and Hell, how many truly reflect a perspective on the afterlife that is easy to read or understand? Why do so few of these life-after-death experiences speak of divine judgment and Hell?

A Land Unknown: Hell’s Dominion is my autobiographical account of my own personal near death experience. Within its pages, you’ll encounter the horrors of Hell, obtain a glimpse of the mysteries of Heaven, gain insight into the topic of predestination, explore why God permits evil, and uncover a new hope and purpose for your life. It is a read unlike any other!

A Land Unknown: Hell's Dominion is a book that explores these questions and more from the perspective of someone who is not cluttered with culturally preconceived notions of the afterlife. When my experience occurred, I was an Atheists flirting with a deist naturalist agnosticism. Afterwards, my worldview changed. I found a new purpose and meaning for my life and I am sure you will too after reading, A Land Unknown: Hell's Dominion.

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